Top Tips when Choosing your Hampshire Wedding Car

 Are you looking for a stylish white wedding car for your Hampshire based wedding? Choosing a car for your big day is an important part of your wedding plans. 

Top tips when Choosing and Booking a Hampshire Wedding Car:

  • Choose a car with a professional driver who knows your area
  • Choose a car where you have met or talked to and get on with the driver. They will be driving you to and from one of the most important events of your life 
  • Choose a car which is regularly maintained & looked after
  • Choose a car where the driver will offer flexibility, you may wish them to run multiple trips (time allowing on the day)
  • Choose a car where the driver is happy to stop for photographs - you will want to remember every aspect of your Big Day
  • Book a car which you love the look of, and that will enhance your wedding photos
  • Book a car which will only be driving for one wedding couple a day. This ensures they arrive on time and can cope with any last minute time changes on the day
  • Book a car which is fun to ride in
  • Book a car which is roomy enough for your dress or bridal party
  • Book a car where you can choose the decorations to match your wedding day colour scheme
  • Book a car which includes a bottle of celebratory fizz!
Hall's Wedding Taxi is a beautifully renovated white London Taxi Cab. It is owned by Ian a professionally trained taxi driver who has worked for over 30 years in the industry. He lives at the edge of The New Forest in Hampshire and has fantastic knowledge of the Southampton & entire Hampshire area. Why not get in touch today about your wedding day? 02380 879935 / 07850 326612, or send an enquiry here. Ian fits the bill when thinking about the top tips for choosing and booking your wedding car - now booking 2016 wedding days.

 photo L'amour by Steph.

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