Book a Wedding Car you Love in Hampshire!

When planning a wedding, many couples wonder what sort of wedding car to book. The wedding car can seem to be a minor part of a wedding day, however it is actually a key focal point which will not only be relied upon to get you and possibly your wedding party from A to B, but can be a wonderful feature in your wedding photos, enhancing the look and feel of your special day. 

Important things to consider when choosing a wedding car:

Is the car reliable, kept up to date and roadworthy?
It's important that the car you choose is well looked after and cared for, so that you know it will get you to your marriage ceremony and reception in a timely fashion. Ian of Hall's Wedding Taxi takes the utmost care of his iconic white London wedding taxi, which has been lovingly restored and kept in perfect working order.

Is the Driver of the wedding car professional and knowledgeable? 
On your wedding day you need to know that the person driving knows where they are going and has checked the route ahead of the wedding to ensure all goes smoothly on the day. Ian at Hall's Wedding Taxi is a professional taxi driver who has many years of experience driving around the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset area. Driving for just one wedding couple a day means that he has time to fully prepare for each wedding, giving his whole attention to the route and particular needs of each individual couple.

Is the car large enough for the wedding party?  You may need your wedding car driver to take the bridesmaids to the ceremony, or the Groom and Groomsmen, or indeed any other combination of key wedding guests, ahead of the Bride and the person giving her away. Hall's Wedding Taxi can seat 5 people comfortably on each trip, and time allowing, Ian is more than happy to make multiple trips to the wedding venue on the day, making booking Hall's even more cost effective.

Does the car suit my wedding day theme? Most couples have a theme in mind for their wedding day, whether this is a colour scheme or an overall feel, it is good to ensure the wedding car fits with your plans. Whether your wedding day will be Vintage or Retro, an English Tea Party, classically romantic or a swish trendy affair, Hall's Wedding Taxi is the perfect backdrop to your photos.

Is the wedding car driver reliable, approachable and friendly?  This may seem an odd consideration, however your driver will be with you at key points of your wedding day. He is the one who will get you and possibly your wedding party to your ceremony on time, and be in charge of taking you to your wedding reception. At such an emotional time, it's important that the driver you choose is friendly, helpful and amenable. You need to know he will be smiling on the day, that he knows when to chat and when to leave you be, and that he will be on hand if help is needed. Ian of Hall's Wedding Taxi has many years of experience of wedding days, as well as being a professional driver for over 30 years and so meeting many thousands of people. You can rely on Ian to make your wedding day as special as it deserves to be!  Find out more here. 

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